Alright guys. Here’s the deal.

As of now, I have decided to take a whole new direction in my blogging direction. My current site at Tumblr will still be used, but only for devotional reflections, as of what has been expected from most of my entries.

The new direction that I’m taking, however, will be something massive, epic, and…wait for it…LEGENDARY. Science, Faith, World Affairs and the Arts will become the main hub of my next venture. For the moment, all of this is still in development

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The Other Color

When I was 11 years old, I had class mates who told me that they were afraid of Black movers, because of the dark hue of their skin.

When I was twelve, a pissed off white driver called my Dad the n-word for no apparent reason.

When I was fourteen, a white neighbor threatened to call the police on me; I was picking up my neighbor’s mail as a favor.

A few months earlier this year, some security followers stalked my youngest brother out of a crowd of white students at a Blue Valley sports game. Maybe it was his color.

I don’t care if you think George Zimmerman is guilty or innocent. I have my own opinion, you have yours. But before you get lost at the movie-plex,watching OUT CAST super heroes, and before you become “sympathetic” with the cause of a civil rights hero from history, and before you become passionate about gun-rights or social justice abroad, I want you to remember one thing.

The dark skinned man at the super market, the immigrant at the gas station, and the low wage worker in your back yard, may always have to suffer from the curse of injustice brought by the sting of ignorance and RACISM. Profiling is not dead and hate will never go away. If we really are made in the image of G_D, the pinnacle of creation, we need to act NOW to save the younger generations from the same sinful pitfalls of our forefathers, and even ourselves. 

If we were to ask Christ today, “who is my neighbor”? He would point to your him or her- a Samaritan despised among the rest.

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July: The month of Revolution pt. 1

   Once again, It’s been a little over a month since I’ve posted anything worth reading. Today, however, is not that day. As gloomy and as rainy as it may seem-the midwest is always bipolar- I will bring a glimmer of sunshine with some ‘reflectin’ lemonade, and my own brand of nonsense.

  Anyways, in case you haven’t heard, today is both the birth date of Franz Kafka, everyone’s favorite existentialist recluse, and the anniversary of America’s bloodiest conflict on the home front- The Battle of Gettysburg.

  As an African American, I can still feel the bitter wound of racism as it slowly festers with the passing years. Although we’ve come so far as a nation since then, there is still a greater journey that must be taken. No nostalgic glory, how Dixie-glamorized it may be presented, could ever whitewash the scars of countless human beings, ravaged by the whip of greed and hate.

  For some vague-albeit loose-sense of direction, I believe there has to be some point of understanding, ray of optimism, or, to be very blunt, absolutely brutal moment of……despair. 

  Could it be that all of our dreams dangle from a thread of futility? Think about it:what does it cost to create a revolution?

 Now if I seriously wanted to get off topic, I could give you a quick update on everything, from Hegelian Dialectics to the cycle of revolutions that they analyze. As awesome as they may seem, I can tell that you guys probably have better things to read the lecture of a novice historian.

  So how does all of this relate to us? Is there something deeper at the heart of the rebellions that we join, the manifestos that we right, and the subversive movements that we swear to? Absolutely.   

  If we were to really draw a line across all of these events, past, present and future, we could come to understand that order and justice have been shattered in about every way possible. We have governments that infiltrate the rights of its citizens, factions that persecute minorities of religion and race, and social elites, in every sphere, that feed of the complacency and oppression of those they protect. In case you haven’t noticed, there is something VERY wrong with the state of our governments, neighbors, and even our closest protectors. There is something wrong with us, if you will. 

  Step back and consider-where did we go wrong? Why does it seem that we can not trust anyone-not even ourselves? 

  Injustice, in every shape and form, is nothing short of the effect of sin in all its seething poison. Slavery, human trafficking, gender discrimination, and abortion are all side effects of the disease known as sin. When we chose to rebel, we thought that our own REVOLUTION would make us into gods.Needless to say, I should reiterate how terrible this idea was in the first place. In the end, we became nothing like a god, a savior, or even a real saint. Paradise was burned in the fires of our own passions and desires.

  It took the love of a mysterious creator to have pity on us in all of our faults and short comings. Through his eternal love, he sought to bring us to Him, restore us, and redeem us, so that we may live in His presence in the unfolding reality of an eternal kingdom. By his blood and stripes, he is slowly restoring for an eternity in Heaven’s Kingdom.

  Without getting into everything from Edward Snowden to the current revolution in Egypt, I think it is very clear that all acts of subversion or revolt- no matter the intent,out come or your own personal allegiance- ignite from an inner longing that can only be gained through a renewal from our heavenly creator.

   If this is true, let us seek this relationship that will bring us beyond the wave of a flag. Let us seek eternity.

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